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We’re rebranding, say hello to Red Pixel Themes!

By Vivian


July 06, 2021

Hello folks, it's been a year since we launched Tailwind Made and it's been a wild ride. We released 3 more templates and also added new stuff for the first 2, while also updating the templates to use all the nifty new features TailwindCSS has to offer.

But our vision has been changing a bit this year, and while TailwindCSS is still our main focus, we think a new name would better showcase what we do. So, say hello to Red Pixel Themes!.

With the rebranding we also cleaned up our website and added new features, like template versions and a better blog post reading experience. BUT our biggest change is that we decided to showcase third party templates from our partners! Our mission this year is to be the No. 1 spot for people to discover tailwind templates and themes.

Also, stay tuned because new templates are coming out soon! 🥳.

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