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Atom, a free Tailwind CSS portfolio template

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February 27, 2022


April 26, 2021

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⭐ Fully updated to Tailwind CSS v3 and Alpine.js v3

Atom is a Portfolio HTML Template made with the latest technologies like Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS, among others and based on a vibrant and creative design.

# Key Features

  • 2 Responsive Pages (Homepage and Post page)
  • Code Syntax Highlighting
  • Made with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js

HTML Changelog

# [2.0.0] - 2022-02-27

# Added

  • Tailwind CSS prettier plugin
  • NPM script to use the new prettier plugin

# Changed

  • Updated to Tailwind CSS v3
  • Updated to Alpine v3
  • Updated all other dependencies.

# Removed

  • Removed postcss-nested package in favor of Tailwind CSS's nesting plugin

# [1.0.0] - 2021-04-26

First version of the template.

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