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Masterclass, a premium Tailwind CSS online courses template

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February 27, 2022


May 23, 2021

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⭐ Fully updated to Tailwind CSS v3 and Alpine.js v3

Masterclass is a premium template with a beautiful design, tailored specifically for online courses but can be used for digital products in general. It was made with the latest technologies like Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS and includes all the needed features to create an incredibly fast responsive website with an amazing UI/UX experience.

# Key Features

  • Made with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js
  • 6 responsive pages
  • Custom made icons and illustrations

HTML Changelog

# [2.0.0] - 2022-02-27

# Added

  • Tailwind CSS prettier plugin
  • NPM script to use the new prettier plugin

# Changed

  • Updated to Tailwind CSS v3
  • Updated to Alpine v3
  • Updated all other dependencies.
  • Moved from Glide.js to Splide for sliders

# Removed

  • Removed postcss-nested package in favor of Tailwind CSS's nesting plugin

# [1.0.0] - 2021-05-23

First version of the template.

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